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We will give money to whoever can fill out a 5 page forum and can present 10 documents of proof explaining why they're poor.


The implication in this presentation was a cash payment to every adult regardless of income. The Speaker supports Congress taking an approach targeted to those most in need.


If america collapses make sure to write down everything that has to be abolished and destroyed in a notebook or something. You'll probably remember most of it but it's important to have a back up

Looks like Trump is going to win, and then normal people will see this win and come to the conclusion the neolib media is full of shit like it always was. Republicans will dominate the nation for 30 years. The Democrats are literally watching Republicans start to back healthcare.

Feels great to not feel down for a third Tuesday in a row, because it's pretty obvious all the results of Super Tuesday III are going to be illegitimate anyway lmao

UBI is cool because it doesn't let people think about why rent and utilities and other services are so expensive. Sending out a flat cheque is used to save capital, not human lives!! A plan without suspending rent, utilities and whatever is bound to fail.

Make sure to wear green today for Saint Patrick's Day. It's the most we're able to do these days

I finished watching Inglorious Bastards. All I have, are movies.

The cyan bar has seemed to have disappeared. We waited it out.

Remember guys, a government is useless and should be replaced if it can't protect its citizens. Trudeau puts trade above public health by letting giving US citizens exclusive access into Canada.

I think Americans only have one roll of toilet paper in their home or something which would make sense why they're stockpiling right now. The average person really is the strangest individual



Shutting down private businesses is overreach. Shutting down restaurants in a city of four million people is criminal. There are hundreds of thousands of people who don’t have food at home, don’t know how to cook... grocery stores aren’t built to feed 100% of us 100% of the time.


This quarantine would be much better if anyone in this house was actually interested in spending time with each other. Families getting destroyed by this lmao

The coronavirus situation should make people realize how long society has been held on by a thread.

The Democrats love surpressing democracy. Instead of making nationwide postal voting possible and moving election dates to later, they're just going to let people die to vote Biden. And in that case make people die for nothing!

"stay at home"

Bro my disdain for living grows every day I'm stuck at home

Might have to send a letter to a friend since her internet is down and can't go to a library or whatever.


I have lost faith in the ability of newspeople to ask a debate question that isn't dumb as hell.

This quarantine is already depressing, I hate being stuck with everyone in this house. Might go to a big and cool park on Tuesday

TV has been on for like 5 hours straight everyday for the past 13 years and now a big cyan line appears on the left of the screen! My dad still won't admit it's because he leaves stupid CNN on all the time. CNN ruined our TV!!

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