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tfw the reigning monarch dies and you're next in the line of succession

searching for a word in a program doc:

❎delete, remove, destroy, expunge, clean, erase, discard, purge - 0 results
✅ drop - 1 result

why does technical documentations suck so much, you gotta read the whole thesaurus to understand them.

My friends, looks like their day has come. 🇮🇪


Sinn Féin has surged into first place in the general election race, with a quarter of all likely voters now saying they intend to vote for the party, according to the latest Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI opinion poll.


literally what the fuck are they gonna do with all that money except spend it on bullshit apps. they could buy two yachts every day and have money left over. it's beyond luxury

if you work in computers you are probably aware of how much time is spent selling stuff to investors instead of customers, because that is where the easy money is. the economy is completely upside down but no "classical" economist will admit this

this class is distributing MP4s of how to setup the software for the course and just. Give me a PDF with some screenshots. that’ll actually be useful to me

I watched Uncut Gems, it was incredible and I liked seeing the memes from the movie in the movie lol. My parents found it too exhausting, they told me I will understand when I get older lol

🎵 is there something strange, 🎶
🎵 In your elections? 🎶
🎵 Who you gonna call? 🎶
🎵 The United Nations! 🎶

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