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Giving headpats to trans girls gives us confidence in ourselves, and confidence leads to us achieving great things.

Support the revolution and give a trans girl some headpats today! :anartrans_symbol:

For personal reasons, I will no longer be able to help anyone with computer problems/solutions related to photos

Dear British people: We're not in the European Union and our economy as you can see isn't completely destroyed

Also did this article just compare British migrants to refugees lmao

I'm having a lot of fun these past days on the Minecraft server The old management rebooted development on PGM and got ownership of the domain, it makes me so happy to play the old maps again :)

I haven't been taking a year off, I have held off thinking about myself for almost over a year

Is there a way to just automatically approve all hashtags on here

welcome to ces 2020: shit no one wants that barely works at prices no one can afford that will never come to market

Am I no longer capable of understanding irony or have the jokes on Twitter lost any aspect of humour?

Seeing all this controversy over AOC liking some tweet, I want everyone to remember that anyone policing somebody for liking a tweet is a mega cop. I don't care about what tweets anyone likes.

I got nothing to look forward to when I think about it

I gotta learn the basics of Python tomorrow to hopefully help out a friend lol

So is Canada going to drop this game of pretend where Guadio is the president of Venezuela

Really enjoying having Wikipedia, etc available while offline. :blobhappy:

I highly recommend downloading Wikipedia for offline use and then serving it locally via #Kiwix

bonjour = good day
bonbonjour = candy day
bonbonbonjour = good candy day

bonsoir = good evening
bonbonsoir = candy evening
bonbonbonsoir = good candy evening

bon jovi = good jovi
bonbon jovi = candy jovi
bonbonbon jovi = good candy jovi
bonbonbonbon jovi = good candy bon jovi

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