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"country roads / take me home…" - strong start, pretty much everyone can relate to this feeling.
"west virginia…" - bam!, you've just lost 99% of your audience. most people don't live there.

did you all see that IBM released a POWER9 core under creative commons license? and it uses very little power? can somebody please make a POWER-based laptop now? kthx

Finally, a good headline


There’s not an actual baby in “Million Dollar Baby,” but it did win four Oscars, which is four more than has


Lots of Americans haven't figured out that they don't aggressively talk politics during Thanksgiving, or that they don't have to attend some stupid family event they don't care about. Americans are very strange. I don't want to see them whining about this next year!

What I desire most in life is for the Stanley Kubrick article on Wikipedia to have an infobox.

I finished watching the film Sorry to Bother You, it's a great film that is very bold and fresh. People can learn a lot of things from this movie, though the second half gets a little too strange and weird at the end.


Do you represent an organization that would be impacted by the sale of the .ORG domain registry? Join the fight to #savedotorg!


if .mp3 is so good then how come there's no .mp4???

"ladies and gentlemen"
-reinforces the gender binary

-straight to the point
-inclusive of oppressed minorities

absolutely wild how the unstable linux distros are still way more stable than windows 10

Why is Earth's moon called the moon but the sun isn't called the star?

Damn apparently LEGO just straight up bought Bricklink for an undisclosed sum, which is basically the largest site to buy used/second-hand LEGO parts and pieces. That sucks

I have an idea for a dead simple server-side web app that would mostly just be scripts. I think it might work, who knows.

Are Jehova's Witnesses a legitimate religion deserving to be protected or are they really just a bunch of anti-social scam artists who use ostracization as their primary intimidation tactic?

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