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It's an Acer C720, which is pretty good. I used this model back in high school and it seems a lot of people would aggree

It finally came to me that that probably the reason my Windows installation has the time wrong is because of the Kubuntu dual boot, so now I finally have the correct time!! :D

I got a used Chromebook that I'm going to install Linux on. The specs kinda stink but that's ok lol

NeverTrump voters would actually vote for Trump. No need to appease them at all.


I'd vote for and I've never voted for a Democrat for president before.

I won't vote for Warren/Sanders and today's polls show I'm far from alone.

There are a lot of voters that will sit out once again if Democrats don't give a reasonable alternative.


bruh you assumed gamers actually give a shit about anything


can we talk about how everyone has suddenly decided to fucking collectively forget about how we are supposed to be doing..
oh idk.
like did we forget about hong kong. did we just up and forget? because they made a fucking animation for their new shitty game?


is $229.98 CAD for 14" 1600 x 900 8GB ram T430s good

I think I might get a used t430 when my dumb direct deposit comes in lol. Canada doesn't seem to have that many good deals tbh

"capitalism is good because people won't do things without monetary motivation" bruh people have been doing things literally forever what are you talking about

This is mostly bullshit but ok


They may not be avoiding you. They may just be:

- Overwhelmed with work
- Processing a shock or trauma
- Putting some boundaries in place
- Saving money
- Distracted by an unexpected life change
- Tired of having to put on a happy face
- Needing some silence and space


I got the hacktoberfest t shirt for this year :blobderpy: it's a 2xl and not XL like I usually get. I hope it looks well on me haha

why on god's green earth do people say "why on god's green earth" when the earth is mostly blue

By clicking this link you are consenting to entering a PvP enabled zone.

I was going to type up a document on a borrowed chromebook in the library but apparently it can't open .odt files ffs

Today is the last day of daylight savings time for me :(

I really wish I could see this friend that I met last year, she seemed really cool

Peak depression is when you message like 5 people at once every few months just to find some interaction

do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour, tiling window managers?

how does having to get a first job not radicalize 99% of people

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