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People are making apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow.

Welp, now it's back to dad watching CNN on the living room tv. I fucking despise CNN with every bone in my body. I crave for silence.

Our family had dinner together for the first time in a while, my dad and sisters kept being so unbearable so it makes me wish I had a family.

I just completely recreated this old minecraft map I used to play called Sndwars. It kinda played like this and it was really fun.

Sometimes you gotta ask yourself

Are the bourgeoisie even humans at this point

RT and I are thrilled to announce "The Book of Gutsy Women," out October 1st. It's a conversation about over 100 women who have inspired us—and narrowing it down was a process!


People like sharing their stupid opinions without explaining anything sometimes i feel people don't even know what opinions are anymore.

ewww I got a spam follower from freaking gab LOL. How do I block gab for

They need to add some mechanic to make the stupid AI fight each other the great powers always hate each other but never actually declare war on another or intervene like wtf. Ming hates the Ottomans, which have Taiwan for some reason and they wouldn't intervene :(

I'm playing in the fucking Phillipines and I barely survived the Ottomans, barely survived France, got fucked by the Ottomans, got fucked by Ming, got fucked by the Ottomans AGAIN AND THESE USELESS ALLIES DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE A NAVY

My friend introduced me to some YouTube channel making YTPs of Peter Barakan videos. They're amazing.

turns out they didn't lock me out and I just forgot to try typing in my username without the 000 in the front

we should call this the World Wide Web more often, especially as opposed to closed networks which are not World Wide

I'll have to return my laptop to my college. They locked me out and I was too lazy to back up my stuff. i'm slowly becoming a neet and hating life

4 year anniversary of this stupid tweet. He strongly opposed a tax nobody supported lol


I love movies and TV shows. I'm 100% against a tax. Always have been, always will be


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