Only in liberal democracies can they make slam dunk cases drag on for years

I was searching for a pose reference and What is this shirt design

This girl I used to talk around last year to this summer got married a few weeks ago. I miss talking to her now, I've only managed to keep up talking to her and another friend :(

Oh shit lads he's going mask off soon


I get a little bit tired of Democrats who defend a cruel, dysfunctional health care system that leaves 87 million Americans uninsured or underinsured.


where did the whole pee pee poo poo meme came from?

imagine paying real actual money for a free-to-use website you're perpetually angry on

what the fuck even are reddit users

solaris was such a dope name for an os why does oracle get to own it its bullshit

Still got to make three pull request to get a free shirt from GitHub

omg straight guys turn off lamps before they go to bed isn't that so factual

Got a Samsung A20 since my LG V20 likes to freeze so bad that I have to take out the battery. Thank god that phone actually let you take out the battery.

The Canadian Senate is an unelected mess that is neither equal nor proportional. While people will argue that they represent provinces, the province has no say in who the PM appoints. It should be abolished and the House of Commons add 50 new seats.

I'm starting to think that I have a hard time trying to listen to people because of years I spent mentally tuning out the radio and CNN.

Gunna watch the cinematic masterpiece Chicken Little

I am the only anglophone alive that understands Quebec

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