Wow it's been six years on this birdsite! I remember making this account because I thought I could make friends at my school! LOL how stupid was I back then?

Sometimes you gotta ask yourself

Are the bourgeoisie even humans at this point

RT and I are thrilled to announce "The Book of Gutsy Women," out October 1st. It's a conversation about over 100 women who have inspired us—and narrowing it down was a process!


we already had our say when we didn't want the stupid olympics here


Nenshi says Calgarians angry over arena deal can have their say... in 2021


An individual cursed with neo-liberalism opposes jailing the pharmaceutical CEOs by using the due process, therefore revealing us where his class interests lie. who the hell is this guy anyway

My EU4 game is going pretty well. I kicked Brunei's ass and then declared bankruptcy like a boss 😎

surprisingly going bankrupt in this game isn't so bad lol


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