Can anyone recommend any good cheap ebook readers? I would like to try reading manga/comics on the thing and sideload stuff from the internet 😎

@patrick i found a sony PRS-T2 in a thrift store for nine bucks. it was nice enough that when a PRS-T1 showed up in the same store i bought it too, because that one's rootable and has a headphone port. haven't done it of course. the screens are probably too low res for a good manga experience, but the later models might be suitable, and they'll be cheap too, since sony gave up and shut down their webstore. i think you can root some of the later models and all of them support sideloading.

@patrick i think the deal with my T2 was actually it had a later firmware that was patched. the earlier firmwares are exploitable. those actually cost more money secondhand iirc, if you can find anyone selling it that even knows how to confirm the firmware version.

@patrick they all run very old android so there's good app support and you can install fonts and nicer readers. you'll get worse battery life in all of them but it's alright because the battery lasts so long anyway

@_ Thanks! Unfortunately it doesn't seem that there is any that I can find in Canada, but I haven't looked that hard. I might just resort to buying a Kobo Clara HD

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