Our reaction to Gab joining the fediverse:

- Blocked Gab domains

- Added Community Guidelines pixelfed.social/site/kb/commun

- Added user level domain blocks

- Added CW to comments

Fascists and Nazis can h*ck right off and are NOT welcome on our platform. #pixelfed

@pixelfed it took me a while to find out what "gab" is XD

If others are confused too: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gab_%28s

#gab seems to be a platform/website/social media service. So it's a service not a software. With focus on far right content and freedom of speech (to spread that content).

Blocking those by default is a good idea I think :)

@deusfigendi @pixelfed they're planning to integreate themselves into the Mastodon interface, so this is why pixelfed is doing these domain blockings

@patrick @pixelfed what does this mean "integreate themselves into the Mastodon interface"?

And it seems totally clear to me why @pixelfed blocks it, now that I know what it is XD. My confusion was "what is gab?"


@deusfigendi @pixelfed Gab used, or is still using a centralized interface like Twitter, but because the money train is falling apart on them, because no normal people want to join their dumpsterfire, they're moving to a decentralized interface like Mastodon and Pixelfed. This means they can interact with mastodon users, but most instances already preemptively blocked their domains.

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