someone got to show libreoffice some default margins that make sence. Maybe I should learn LaTeX so I don't have to deal with this crap

I am currently moving over to another account!! Please follow me there!! :D

Things aren't "cringe" or "stupid" anymore. It's all about deeper narratives. People can't be dumb anymore.

redeem yourself bro


What gives me hope right now are the new generations of young people who dream big and do not want to settle for the status quo.


Charged with third degree murder, essentially meaning he was too much of a fucking idiot to understand that what he did was lethal. I hope these riots continue.

Some may find this worrisome, but governments will do their best to intentionally screw up a referendum, so no, independence ain't happening. Though Britian messed up by not screwing up Brexit referendum enoungh.


Alberta: "If a referendum on independence were to be held, which way would you vote?"

Remain: 50%
Independence: 41%
Unsure: 9%

Northwest Research / May 19, 2020 / n=1100


George Floyd was openly tortured and executed by police who ruthlessly abused their power, not even the cameras could hold back their ultimate expression of violence, their disdain for the poor. The riots are a great consequence of this because no american was ever safe.

protesting advice 

What happened to donoteat01's Twitter account :(

I read a theory, so that puts me in above 97th percentile

People say stuff like "it's not crony capitalism it's just capitalism" and then say "white capitalism" two minutes later smh

I want to do dialectics sometime. First I have to look up what dialectics means.

My man Grassy got banned from the discord. It's time we

It seems like is like one of the only instances I can find that has a customized interface :D

IM BACK. Getting enoungh space on this computer just so I can delete the stuff on this VPS that's actually taking up this space was really tricky! I had to delete some log files to get that space. I'll probably move over to soon

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