I'm going to watch Joker, the latest movie about living in a society.

I managed to install Arch Linux in Virtualbox yesterday. What nobody tells you is that how to install Arch Linux changes very frequently, so that makes videos even less than a year old out of date. Turns out the base package currently doesn't install nano, vim, or the linux kernel!


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It's possible the US economy is not 'late cycle' but rather just recharging cnb.cx/2OWy154

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Education discrimination is another way of enforcing classism against people that are unable or do not need college to do simple jobs. Employers should have to explain why certain degrees are needed for positions. Education discrimination should be illegal.

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30 years ago, you could get a job as a paralegal without needing a college degree. Right now, a paralegal who did just that is interviewing candidates for a junior paralegal replacement, and they'll only let her consider college kids. I respect that she's outraged by this.

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The Supreme Court in the US is overviewing a case of whether or not states can consider law copyrightable boingboing.net/2019/12/03/aint

Nothing good would come out of the ability to use copyright law to censor people trying to distribute legal text

I got an ebook reader, hopefully I will try to read again.

"The strength of labor is not on the field of battle. It is in the shop, in the mine and factory. There lies its power that no army in the world can defeat, no human agency conquer.

In other words, the social revolution can take place only by means of the General Strike. The General Strike, rightly understood and thoroughly carried out, is the social revolution."

Since Kubuntu 19.04 is no longer going to receive any updates soon, I am dreading about how I will have to upgrade to Kubuntu 19.10 soon, which hopefully won't end in me having to reinstall everything again. It also messed with my Windows partition somehow so I had to reinstall that as well. If it messes up again I'm moving to Arch lol

i've said it before, and i'll say it again, but there are a lot of Marxist (and generally leftist) theories that poor people inherently understand, they just don't know the magic words for them

She should've said something less stupid like "hate is such a strong word"

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A reporter asks Nancy Pelosi if she "hates the president."

"I don't hate anybody," she says in a strong response. "As a Catholic, I resent your using the word hate in a sentence that addresses me...Don't mess with me when it comes to words like that." abcn.ws/2RoY6eA

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You're at uni. You want to succeed. Don't bite it.
If you quote another paper then just cite it.
Now listen up, there's no need to get vexed.
The first step is to cite it in text.
It's paren name year paren
Ill say it again
Its paren name year paren
Say it with me now
Paren name year paren

Now you know who and you know when
But what if you want to find that paper again.

I'm give you advice. Please don't fight it.
You need to have a list of works you cited.

Break it down Harvard style

my left hand feels much weaker all of a sudden. i am left handed 😕

Friendly reminder there's dumbasses out there that thought it would be any different

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Argentine human rights observers: "We have found that the repressive system set up by ['s] de facto government has caused dozens of deaths, hundreds of arbitrary detentions, thousands of wounded, countless cases of coercion & torture, rapes & other crimes" twitter.com/pagina12/status/12

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How did the rose become a symbol for succdems worldwide

oh nice the trackpad works after I rebooted the thing 4 times and then shut it off for a few hours lol

The C720 trackpad stopped working :( it seems the only way to fix it is to reinstall the whole dang operating system which is really lame. I'll try installing a new kernel before doing that

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