I hate when platforms automatically make my :) into a πŸ˜ƒ

I want the ominous energy of :)

One thing I like about mastodon is that we still use square rather than circular icons

Using the home, end, page up and page down keys changed my life. Laptops have never been the same thing with them hidden away in a keyboard shortcut :C

imagine participating in the bogus culture wars in 2020 lol

In tech, 'smart' refers to any device that stops working when the company that manufactures it goes out of business, regardless of what it does.

I am no longer sick! Just got a cough that hopefully doesn't stick around for too long.

I found this video about sorting algorithms pretty cool. In school I was just taught about bubble, selection and binary sort. youtu.be/kPRA0W1kECg

has the australian government ever provided anything more useful than the official ACB ratings generator? i think not

My instance is running @dev@microblog.pub with a customized theme

#microblogpub is just perfect for those who want to build a single-user instance with a custom style πŸš€

My nostril is so inflamed when I'm just trying to breathe, so I got to plug it with some tissue so it stops stinging 😀😀

I got too excited when somebody mentioned materialism in the timeline. And then I saw a post about astrology in their account smh

fml i wish this bundle was available when I got into the game a year or two ago

RT @Lbabinz@twitter.com

Humble Europa Universalis IV Bundle bit.ly/2tDB2zl

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/Lbabinz/status/121

Remember folks, when some nerd complains about you using an ad hominem attack, remember that not all name calling is an ad hominem

"You're wrong and you're stupid" πŸ‘Ž
"You're wrong because you're stupid" πŸ‘Œ

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