Have you ever thought about why Canada has an unelected senate for no reason? That should definately be abolished.

*wanking emoji*

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constantly evolving, bettering my intentions. that’s my ultimate goal. i’m not even the same person i was just six months ago. my mistakes, my setbacks, my environment does not define me. what i do, & how i move from the lessons within is what can define & evolve my character

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Richard Stallman was another tech bum high on libertarianism, and just felt happy to share his garbage opinions on literally anything that isn't about software. I feel embarrassed not knowing about this.

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👇Thread about the impact of Richard Stallman on marginalized groups in tech, especially women. [CW: rape, incest, ableism, sex trafficking]

The @fsf@twitter.com needs to permanently remove Richard Stallman from being President and Chair of the Free Software Foundation Board of Directors.

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Virgin alert

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Dozens are killed every year on skateboards. Thousands injured. Hey Beto! Heck yes, we're going to take your SKATEBOARD!

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A rag tag group of people with drones managed to fuck up the world's oil supply, which is good. The common people should take more advantage of drones.

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An attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil processing plant at Abqaiq has left the world with 5.7 million fewer barrels of oil a day. That’s the biggest ever sudden disruption to global oil supply.

Here’s why it has major implications for the world bloom.bg/2ApupAx

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Anyone who uses more than two hastags in 2019 (two already raises an eyebrow) is probably a bot.

Paid $20 for a link table that Texas Instruments should still be making since they still sell the TI-83 for some reason 🙃

Just got a great deal for a TI-92, the thicc graphing calculator with a qwerty keyboard.

product idea: Xbox 2π

(it's just the Xbox 360, but localized for places where they use radians)

Are people actually busy or is that just bullshit so they can say no to you again next month? There's no reason to live without friends. I can't remember if I actually stopped trying or just didn't want to hear that they couldn't do it for the 4573rd time.

Damn I really just stopped trying to talk to people once I realized nobody ever checks up on me. Except my one great friend, I want to have more than one friend.

So what's the deal about dimensions? We live in three dimensions, and can only see two of them!

While it is an undeniable fact that George Bush did 9/11, we should also strongly consider if the Clintons also did 9/11.

Everytime someone uses the "why not both?" argument it's always something that literally nobody ever simultaneously addresses.

lol astrology nerds like telling everyone how much they don't know about themselves and their friends.

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People who don’t believe in astrology are so aggressive about it for no reason

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god the drift on my switch joycons are so bad I might just get the dang pro controller lol

Spent the whole day yesterday impulsively researching Arduino and the Zilog Z80. I think I should make a little text editor device.

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