When referring to economies that hardly affect working people, put "the economy" in double quotes so people know, oh yeah that doesn't affect normal people.

Speaking of drugs, there are many losers and cowards that would drop their friends in a heartbeat if they are suffering from drug abuse or otherwise were drugged.

If you know anyone like this, you have a moral obligation to tell everyone that they cannot depend on them at all.

People tell you to stay off drugs when the real issue is constant exposure neoliberal media. It almost destroyed my ability to think, to even remember what I was going to stay.

It's funny how exausted I became when my friend wanted to me to come an hour later.

Canadians do not remember why people care about things that don't affect them. Ironic

When you see a 10 rating for a comedy movie just add 2 to it. So if a movie gets a 6/10 it's actually a 8/10 meaning that it's actually good.

Just saw a thread of someone overanalyzing a superhero movie for not being more politically consicous on how a director treats its characters. Flashy action movie contradicts previous movie. A very big major yikes to this one!

Lots of Canadians are psychopaths that would wish for the arrest and deaths of protesters that don't even effect them. No reason to ever appease to them.

I stay up too early these days. It feels that there isn't enough time in the day for me to properly enjoy myself. And it sucks because they just make a big racket in the house and the total silence feels like I can actually think for once without being bombarded by bullshit

Wow so there are subtitles but it doesn't display the text in the menu so I am lost on trying to find the English version. And it's a Blu ray so it has tons of different languages packed into it making it harder.

Bro I don't even think there are English subs on this thing lol

I'm trying to watch Grand Budapest Hotel and the Blu-Ray player doesn't display the subtitles for some reason. It even doesn't show up in the menu! What the heck is this?

Unicode is just such a wonderful thing, all this text rendered on computers :)

Just gotta have a Netflix tax level moment just before I get out.

RT @AndrewScheer@twitter.com

Why is the CBC acting like capitalism is a bad thing? The CBC posted an article quoting a university professor who argued the children’s TV show, Paw Patrol, encourages children to embrace capitalism.
Free market capitalism built our country. So lets celebrate it, not condemn it!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/AndrewScheer/statu

Four MPs actually signed off on this document full of air and zero material benefits for working Albertans. These politicians have a dead ambition.


When the media says your nation is a divided country, that just means the rich can't figure out which candidate to back that would actually win. The rich in power are debating amongst each other if Albertan autonomy/independence could actually work

What's worse, people liking jokes that aren't funny at all, or taking stories that clearly never happened so seriously?

The NDP has let me down, which is pretty sad. Honestly don't know where to start

All these trains being blocked and effecting the economy but how come me and millions of other Canadians don't feel any difference?

The media says the Democratic party is divided because the rich can't agree to back a candidate for more than two weeks lmao.

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